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Creating unique original stories is what drives us.

You can find the same story within hundreds of films. Our job is to be different and develop something new. We're dedicated to developing original stories/screenplays for production, filming options, along with offering our services to help others put their imaginations on paper.

We are honored that a handful of our projects are award winning and finalist within film festivals and screenplay competitions. Below you will find a full list of original stories developed by SpaceTank Cinema.


  • We Have Guest -       quarter-finalist | Screamfest LA

  • Devil's Detox

  • The Secret Behind Andover Palms -       finalist & semi-finalist | Nicholl Awards & Screamfest LA

  • Nightmare Diaries

  • Milwood -       awards for best film | best directing | original screenplay | best editing

  • Primal Squad

  • In the shallows

  • A Dark Peter Christmas

  • Candlepin Heroes

  • Swipe Right

  • Echo of  Evil 

  • Lurking Man

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